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In our regular prayer meetings we pray for Kreuzberg.
In addition, we also include current topics on the agenda, such as prayer for the government, blessing for Israel, a prayer walk once a month, the unity of the Christians in the body of Jesus, and personal concerns.
All our regular prayer meetings are open gatherings, to which every prayer is sincerely called! By prior arrangement there is also the possibility to pray at a self-chosen time.

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Every Saturday evening there is worship in the Gebetskeller. Here we sing songs to God. You are welcome to participate. If you are a worship leader, there is the opportunity to support the existing worship team or to take a block yourself.

… Prayer Walk/Outreach
Praying and blessing, we walk through the streets and to various places in Kreuzberg on our Prayer Walks.
In the various outreaches (evangelistic missions), we get into conversation with people, distribute Christian literature or set up Christian music platforms.
Here, too, everyone can support us according to their gifts.

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